Darryl & Rachael {in-home maternity}

Maternity photos are special no matter what. A new baby joining a family is always a wonderful thing. But I kinda want to think that these are extra special, for a few reasons. Darryl & Rachael are my brother and sister-in-law, so that makes me this little boys auntie. (Yay!) Also, Rachael and I have … Continue reading Darryl & Rachael {in-home maternity}


Marty & Carlene {in-home session}

In-home sessions are new to me. Well, unless you count my own home, and maybe my parents place. 🙂 So, to get some practice in, I put out an offer on Facebook that the first person to message me would get a free session. Marty & Carlene were in Mexico, but through the crazy thing known … Continue reading Marty & Carlene {in-home session}

Meet Sharlyn

Hey! My name is Sharlyn Dyck. I love many things: Jesus!!! My wonderful husband, Dwayne. My three kids, Canaan, Brielle, and Justus. Eagle's Nest Ministry Centre, which we currently are calling home. My Olympus OMD-EM5 (my camera, in plain language!). Crocheting, Pinterest, Coffee, Chocolate...the usual stay-at-home-mom stuff. And I love, love, LOVE to photograph people. My own … Continue reading Meet Sharlyn