Session Information

Family, Extended Family or Maternity Session

A Family, Extended Family or Maternity Session can be done one of two ways:

Traditional: We choose a pretty location, and the main focus is getting classic portraits and family photos. Even though I call these traditional, they aren’t the super-posed sessions you may have in mind. During the session, I casually direct family members (rather than perfectly pose), to keep everyone feeling relaxed and maybe even…dare I say…having fun? 🙂  As a bonus, I also try to capture in-between moments and natural interactions, and these are often everyone’s favourites!

Documentary: These sessions are all about YOU- who you are as a family or couple, what you love to do together, and the small, special details of your life as it is now. Usually, these sessions are in your home (and on your yard), but you can also choose a location that is important to your family if you prefer. One of the most important factors in setting up a documentary session is choosing something to do. Think of something that you want to have real, fly-on-the-wall memories of, such as bedtime with your toddler, a family tradition, or planting your garden. This becomes the base of the session, and helps everyone forget about the camera. Authentic interactions and moments happen naturally, and the results are uniquely you! Although the majority of the session is un-posed, I do spend a few minutes here and there directing, so you will get some classic family photos as well.

Newborn Session

A Newborn Session is all about preserving that special, too-short time with your brand new baby. These sessions are mainly documentary, with some directed photos in the mix. There are so many sweet details about life with a newborn: their little hands, stacks of diapers everywhere, your smile as you watch your baby yawn, and much more. It’s best to book a newborn session while you are still pregnant, so that we can take the photos in the first 3-4 weeks of your baby’s life. These photos will become a treasure, when years later you can show your child in photos how much they have always been loved, right from the start.

Engagement Session

 Engagement Sessions are a beautiful way to capture the love and excitement of a couple waiting for their wedding day. Planning a wedding is busy, and a photo session can be a sweet, relaxed time to spend with your fiancée. We’ll choose a pretty location, or a place that is special to you as a couple (hopefully both!) and create some stunning photographs that will be special for years to come.

See my post on Packages & Rates for details on any of these sessions, or Contact me to book a session!


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